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Recent Updates


Click on the links below to download the code. The main driver for the model is distributed under a BSD license and does not apply to some of the microphysics routines - for details see the individual file headers. We also ask that if you use the model in your research that acknowledgement is made in any resulting publications.

At present there is no means by which downloads can be monitored from this web page. I would thus ask that you contact if you download the code. You can then be kept up-to-date with any further developments. It would be appreciated if you include details about your microphysics scheme(s), your intended use of the model and if you'd participate in any future intercomparisons.

File Version Size Description
KiD.tar.gz 2.3.2654 2.6M Main driver model

GASS mailing list

Major updates to the code and details of intercomparison will be sent out throught the GASS mailing list, so please sign up if you are not already on it.

TAU bin code

The TAU bin code is available for the KiD model, but is not distributed with the main code. The code can be downloaded from