GASS Boundary Layer Cloud Projects

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This page documents current and past projects on boundary layer clouds that come under the GASS umbrella (and formerly the GCSS (GEWEX Cloud System Study) Boundary Layer Cloud Working Group. The aims remain to improve physical parameterizations of clouds and cloud related processes, and their interactions. We conduct careful intercomparisons between observational or laboratory case studies, 3D large-eddy-simulation models, single-column-model (SCM) versions of climate and numerical weather prediction (NWP) models of cloud-topped boundary layers. Most of the leading groups modelling boundary layer clouds have participated in these projects which have been running for nearly 20 years (see the summary of past cases). GASS boundary layer cloud projects are currently coordinated by Adrian Lock of the Met Office, UK.

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 Old announcements!


In future all announcements will appear via the GASS pages
22nd February 2011 Announcement of a radiation intercomparison for stratocumulus clouds
18th October 2010
   (updated 22nd Feb)
Announcement of the next group meeting, which will be joint with CFMIP and the EUCLIPSE project at the Met Office in Exeter during the week of 6th-10th June, 2011. It will include discussion of the ongoing intercomparison cases, CGILS, the stratocumulus to cumulus transitions and the radiation intercomparison

 Current GASS BL cloud activities

 Related links to current GEWEX activities

  • GABLS (the GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study), whose mission is to coordinate research on boundary layer physics to improve the representation of the atmospheric boundary layer in numerical models.
  • GPCI (the GCSS Pacific Cross-Section Intercomparison), which is comparing the observed thermodynamic structure and clouds along a vertical cross-section from the California coast to the central Pacific ITCZ during July 1998 and 2003 with simulations from regional and global simulations.
  • An Ad Hoc activitity called DIME has the goal to provide "test kits" for model evaluation based on the GCSS Model Intercomparison Projects, including detailed results from the participating Cloud Resolving Models.  William Rossow, NASA, GISS, is the chairperson.