CGILS Meeting (CFMIP-GCSS Intercomparison of Large-Eddy and Single-Column Models) 

March 1-2, 2010 at Stony Brook, Long Island, New York
The objective of this meeting is to understand the physical mechanism of cloud feedbacks in climate models that participate in the CGILS case study (, with the goal of interpreting climate sensitivities of AR5 models. Specifically, the meeting will focus on

(1) how the parameterized processes (PBL, stratiform, convective, radiative) behave and interact to produce clouds in the SCMs
(2) what are the physical mechanisms of cloud feedback in the individual SCMs
(3) what can be learned from the LESs
(4) how can the LES results be used to constrain SCMs
(5) how to extrapolate the CGILS results to cloud feedbacks and climate sensitivities of the GCMs

Each participating group has been invited to make presentations for an in-depth analysis of its CGILS results. The presentations will cover all three CGILS locations (shallow cumulus, stratocumulus and stratus, at locations s6, s11, s12) , although emphasis will be for location s11 where LES results are available.

The meeting is open to public, but only presentations related to the meeting objectives are invited. If you do not belong to a participating group and wish to make a presentation, please send an email to Minghua Zhang.