Past GCSS BLCWG cases

 Past GCSS BLCWG cases

RICO: precipitating trade cumulus. Sept 2006, GISS, New York

DYCOMS RF02 nocturnal drizzling stratocumulus case. May 2005, Athens.

    Case coordinators Andy Ackerman of NASA/Goddard (LES) and Matt Wyant of U. Washington (SCM).
    • LES and SCM case specifications/results.
    • Talks from pan-GCSS BLCWG session.
    • Update presentation of the DYCOMS precipitation case at the GCSS-BLCWG meeting Sept 2006 in New York.
    • Ackerman, A.S. and coauthors, 2009: Large-eddy simulations of a drizzling, stratocumulus-topped marine boundary layer. Mon. Wea. Rev. 137, 1083-1110
    • Wyant,M.C. and coauthors, 2007: A single-column model intercomparison of a heavily drizzling stratocumulus-topped boundary layer, J. Geophys. Res., 112, D24204, doi:10.1029/2007JD008536.

Nocturnal nonprecipitating stratocumulus off the California coast during DYCOMS RF01. Nov. 2003, Broomfield, Colorado, USA

EUROCS FIRE-I Sc diurnal cycle intercomparison. Aug. 2002, Madrid, Spain.

Continental shallow cumulus boundary layer diurnal cycle (ARM Oklahoma site). Jan. 2000, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Transitional trade cumulus case from ATEX. Aug. 24-26, 1998, Madrid, Spain

BOMEX Trade cumulus case. July 1997, Seattle, WA, USA

Drizzle/no drizzle LES intercomparison, based on ASTEX Lagrangian 1. August 1996, Clermont-Ferrand, France

ASTEX Lagrangians, August 1995, De Bilt, Netherlands

Smoke cloud case. August 1995, De Bilt, Netherlands

Nocturnal subtropical stratocumulus case. August 1994, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Presentations from Lake Arrowhead Workshop on the Planetary Boundary Layer, 14-16 June 2005. Many GCSS BLCWG participants attended this excellent workshop, though it was not formally a GCSS event. 
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