Diurnal land/atmosphere coupling experiment (DICE)

Photograph taken at the CASES-99 experiment
(Southern Great Plains, USA)



The following documents give all the details needed to contribute to DICE, a joint experiment between GLASS and GASS. Please email Martin Best and Adrian Lock if you intend to do so.


April 2013 Intercomparison forcing data released to participants
June 2013 Results returned by email from stages 1 and 2
20th Sept 2013 Results returned by email from stage 3
14 to 16th Oct Workshop on initial results from the experiment hosted by the UK Met Office, Exeter
April 2014 Revised case specification released, see email
April/May 2014 Revised case results returned by email from all stages
14-17 July 2014 Discussion session on analysis and writing up of DICE results at the pan-GEWEX conference

Group email list

Please subscribe to the group email list to get updates on the case, or further details of meeting plans, etc. See here for details of how to do this.